Counselors At Large! | Strategic consulting services.
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Counselors at Large offers a diversified range of strategic consulting services.

Founded in 1976 by a group of attorneys in California and Hong Kong with the objective of providing innovative professional advice, the firm has expanded to today include accountants, designers, media executives, private investigators, producers, technology engineers and veterinarians.


Counselors at Large is known for being truly multi-domestic with vast experience across a wide range of sectors including finance, law, management, real estate, security services, technology, telecommunications and government relations.

The firm has attained international recognition for its depth of talent as premier problem solvers, facilitators and expeditors for whom no project is too large and no business too small. The partners reflect a diversity of professional experience and high academic achievement.

Counselors at Large combines leading intelligence research and analytical skills

to provide its clients with confidential professional services in executing one of the most sensitive and difficult of all business challenges – the successful transplanting of one business or political culture to another environment.


Counselors at Large is committed to assisting our clients achieve their commercial, legal and political objectives.

Most important, our clients know we have a vision of the future and that our success depends on theirs.


Contacting Counselors at Large


Peter de Krassel – Chairman & CEO